Changes at Burning Bush Coffee

Loyal Subscribers and Customers,

Please allow us to begin by thanking you for your many years of support. Your purchases through Burning Bush has helped our monastery to prosper and grow.

The number of our customers also grew significantly over the course of the 2020 pandemic. However, the unfortunate consequences of the disruptions in supply chains and economic strain has led to price increases across the board. Over the past year, we have discussed the changes that have occurred in the cost of coffee beans and how best to navigate adjusting for these changes while continuing to serve our customers. Coffee bean prices have more than doubled over the past five years, much of that increase taking place in just the last year.

We have therefore been forced to adjust the prices of our subscriptions and to streamline the beans that we offer. We endeavored to communicate these changes with as many of our customers as possible before they took place. We apologize if we were unable to reach any of you.

As a positive note, we made several changes to our website platform that will make it easier for you to navigate. Hierodeacon Marc has supplied us with a beautiful new logo. We will be producing glazed mugs in several colors with the new logo design very soon.

We thank you again for supporting our monastery!
Fr. Mikel Hill—Operations Manager